Get ready to have some freakishly frightening fun with Tasmanian fungi in a Box!  Print out the PDF double-sided image card + soundtrack. Suggested ages 6-12.

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Tasmanian Fungi in a Box

Box 1 - Freakishly Frightening Fungi From Tasmania!


What is Tasmanian Fungi in a box?


The Box - where the magic happens..


The Tasmanian fungi in a box project was delivered as part of the Museum in a Box worldwide pilot in 2019. Whilst the Freakishly Frightening Fungi From Tasmania kit is designed to work best with the Museum in a box device as part of the pilot project, it is not necessary to buy a box in order to use the Tasmanian Fungi in a box kit.  Just print out the cards and play the audio files from your own device :)


The aim of creating the Tasmanian fungi in a box kit is to encourage learning about fungi and it is absolutely free to use and share with others. 

The 'box' 

The innovative acrylic box designed by Museum in a Box, contains a speaker, WIFI and a Raspberry Pi computer to read near-field communication (NFC) tags for interactive, off and on-screen, learning.

What to do with the box

Creators: Create digital content - either 2D or 3D, that can also be downloaded or printed. Stick the RFID tags on the printed content.

Users: Place the tagged content on the box. The box then 'reads it out' to the audience.

See examples of schools and organisations using the box


Why use the 'box'?

Creating a collection for the box supports important traditional and digital literacy skills, collaboration skills and competencies across STEM areas. Participants learn skills in design, planning, recording audio files, creating digital 2D/3D images, understanding and connecting the NFC tags to the objects, & 3D printing as they create their collections for the box. The process of creating a collection and deciding what to talk about is an innovative hands-on way to facilitate deeper learning of any subject!

WIN WIN - Not only do those making the box learn something, so do those who get to use the finished collection!

Who uses the box?

Organisations such as the Smithsonian InstitutionBritish Library, British Museum, and the UK National History Museum have previously been digitising and sharing their museum collections via the Museum in a Box system with fantastic results. It has been a great way to make available, low cost copies of valuable collection items to the general public in an innovative, fun and interactive way. 

Everyone can use the box from ages 6+, and is a fun and engaging way to explore STEM subjects in the school curriculum. See examples of schools and organisations using the box

Shareable anywhere in the world!

Collections made available by participating museums, artists, libraries community groups etc., can also be shared and downloaded and printed by anyone, anywhere in the world to either be used with their own box, or as standalone digital files. This means for example, that a school group on the other side of the world can download your collection for listening and viewing!


Let's create a box!

If you would like to get your own box you can now purchase them through Museum in a Box 

or please contact me if you would like a workshop or demonstration of the box for your school, museum or community group. Disclaimer: I receive no monetary compensation from sales of Museum in a Box however it is a wonderful tool for education and am happy to demonstrate or facilitate a workshop for your group for a reasonable fee, to cover my time.

Tasmanian fungi in a box

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